{{range $i, $crumb := .Breadcrumbs}}{{html $crumb.Text}}{{if ne $i 0}}/{{end}}{{end}}

{{.NumDirs}} director{{if eq 1 .NumDirs}}y{{else}}ies{{end}} {{.NumFiles}} file{{if ne 1 .NumFiles}}s{{end}} {{- if ne 0 .Limit}} (of which only {{.Limit}} are displayed) {{- end}}
{{- if .CanGoUp}} {{- end}} {{- range .Items}} {{- if .IsDir}} {{- else}} {{- end}} {{- end}}
{{- if and (eq .Sort "namedirfirst") (ne .Order "desc")}} {{- else if and (eq .Sort "namedirfirst") (ne .Order "asc")}} {{- else}} {{- end}} {{- if and (eq .Sort "name") (ne .Order "desc")}} Name {{- else if and (eq .Sort "name") (ne .Order "asc")}} Name {{- else}} Name {{- end}} {{- if and (eq .Sort "size") (ne .Order "desc")}} Size {{- else if and (eq .Sort "size") (ne .Order "asc")}} Size {{- else}} Size {{- end}} {{- if and (eq .Sort "time") (ne .Order "desc")}} Modified {{- else if and (eq .Sort "time") (ne .Order "asc")}} Modified {{- else}} Modified {{- end}}
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{{- if .IsDir}} {{- else}} {{- end}} {{html .Name}} {{.HumanSize}}